Flax linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres in the textiles industry. It requires much less water than most other fibres to cultivate and every part of the flax plant can be utilised to create diverse and valuable products, meaning there’s nothing wasted. The flax plant also has a high rate of carbon absorption and creates a carbon sink, storing 400 000 tons of CO2 in Europe each year.

Few, if any, pesticides and fertilizers are required in the cultivation of flax and often flax comes close to the organic standard without trying.

At IN BED we ensure we work exclusively with linen that holds a European Flax® certification meaning the flax has been produced in Western Europe (France, Belgium, The Netherlands) and also guarantees a high level of traceability and accountability through each stage of production & ensures the following;

  • No irrigation (rainwater only)
  • No GMO 
  • Zero waste
  • Mechanical scutching (ensuring zero chemicals are used in this process)
  • Natural field retting (also known as ‘dew retting’)
  • Fibre production is in compliance with International Labour Organization rules

All of our linen is also OEKO-TEX® 100 ensuring no harmful or toxic dyes have been used during any part of the production and that every component of the product (every thread, button and other accessories) has also been tested for harmful substances, ensuring the product is completely safe & toxic free.