add a pure moment to your life every day

That's where it all started. Take a moment every day to think about something that makes you happy. It doesn't have to be something big, it can also be music or a photo that you see. For me working with the most beautiful products every day is something that makes me really happy. The soft linen fabrics, the structure and the natural look make me happy every day

It started in 2010 with an interior design shop and has now continued for 12 years with my own label. Gave up the store for the freedom I now have. Designing, inventing, styling and photographing. Everything I love to do is now my job. I only work with linen that is grown, cultivated and processed in Europe. The rest of the products are coming from small companies that I carefully select. Always with a view to sustainable and fair products. That's how I designed my own brand and for now I still have plenty of inspiration!

Myrthe, PUUR lifestyle.